The Coven of the Sacred Flame came about almost by accident or should I say as a result of random occurrences that came together at a certain point in time.  For my own part I had always backed away from the idea of being in a Coven not because I was against the idea per se but because as a Solitary Witch it felt like a bit of a betrayal.  After so many years of declaring myself solitary why now did I suddenly feel the need to not only join a Coven but to actually embrace it all whole heartedly and run one.  I began to think about it seriously and saw that the universe and the powers that be were showing me that the Coven could be a valuable resource for anyone wishing to work as a solitary.  It could provide a safe place to learn, grow and explore their path.  The Coven would also inspire and give confidence to its students but more than that it would provide a lasting community and network for those who graduated and moved on to work alone.

Now that the idea had been ironed out I saw that there was a real need for this type of teaching Coven and the next problem was the practical who, what and where.  This is where synchronicity and the interconnectedness of things joins in because there was only one person I trusted sufficiently to run such a Coven with me and that was WhitePhoenix, the Coven High Priest.  I pitched my idea to him and to my surprise his response was something along the lines of “it’s funny you should say that I was thinking the time was right to open a Coven and the only person I would want to do that with is you!”.  So problem one was over.

As neither of us currently drive we decided that we would divide the sessions between WhitePhoenix’s home in Winsford and my home in Alsager.  So depending on who is taking what session, meetings take place in one or the other.  Most Sabbat celebrations take place in WhitePhoenix’s home because his partner is a Coven member and his house is more suitably arranged.  Mine contains a husband who is not really in tune with everything I do and I feel wrong throwing him out of his own home so I can celebrate the Sabbats. We teach the basic Doorway to Witchcraft course.  You will see that although we both work closely together and our basic ideas are similar we do approach things in vastly differing ways.  This gives you the maximum opportunity to learn and to also develop your own ideas, your path is yours and we are not looking to make you into clones of us.

Studies include the basics, religion, philosophy, metaphysics, science and much more as well as meditation, ritual, spellcasting and energy work.  Coven members can then take advantage of the Coven’s experts in a variety of subjects and can choose their own specialism as they progress.

In addition to our regular session, we encourage everyone to attend as many Sabbat celebrations as possible.  This is where both Coven members and students can work together and begin to build up a relationship that we hope will be sustained for many years to come.

Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for you to learn, a wealth of knowledge and experience for you to draw on and the first step on the path that is the rest of your life.  If you feel we may be able to help you take your first step please contact us for more details.

In love and light

High Priestess of the Coven of the Sacred Flame